Intercepting Organ Tumors, Enabling Conservative Therapy


 Collage Medical Imaging Ltd. was founded in 2014  by experts in the medical devices field

Collage innovative patented technology  provides first time real-time 3D microscopic diagnostics of the entire soft tissue organ, identifying and intercepting malignant tumors

Our solution identifies the tumors including their location, size, and shape. Collage is an enabler for single session diagnostics combined with Minimally Invasive Surgery of the tumors

Our solution targets unmet needs in multi-billion healthcare markets such as Prostate, Breast, Lymph nodes & more   

 Collage Medical Imaging 于2014由医疗设备领域的专家们建立

Collage创新专利技术第一次实现了3D 微观实时诊断整个软组织器官,诊断识别和拦截恶性肿瘤



A New Concept In Medical Imaging

  • Imaging technologies such as CT, MRI & US used in early diagnostics all have low resolution, insufficient for observing cells structure, which is required for making clinical decision regarding cancer.
  • Biopsy, a small tiny specimen taken out of the body,  provides only “point” indication; Often misses the tumors,  and even if hits it,  is totally blind to the surrounding tissue,  even a mm away.
    Off coarse, the tumors locations and borders are not known, and with the biopsy limitations, physicians have no choice but removal of the large tissue masses or even entire organ in major operations often  associated with severe side effects. 

  • On organ coverage vs resolution CT, MRI & US provide full coverage of the organ, however poor insufficient resolution, standard pathology provides high resolution but very poor coverage
  • Our solution provides, first time,  both the coverage and resolution and diagnoses, in early stages, small tumors in soft organs. Moreover, our solutions is an enabler for  focused treatment to the tumors,  instead of aggressive treatment to the entire organs that is offered today. 

Underlying Technologies


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a 3D imaging modality that can provide unmet high resolution, up to few micrometers, and deep penetration, up to few millimeters, into a tissue. This unique real time, micron resolution technology competes with the  gold standard histopathology for medical diagnosis will ultimately replace it, and will provide a paradigm change in the way that clinical decisions will be taken for many soft tissue organs such as Breast, Lung, Prostate, etc.   OCT relies on back-scattered light from different depths of a tissue to generate an ‘A mode’ map along the optical beam. Unlike ultrasound techniques where information from different depths is measured directly by estimating the time delay of the reflected wave, the use of light (electromagnetic waves) implements Interferometric techniques for estimating the depth of the reflected signal. Maneuvering the beam transversely resulted with local 3D information at micron resolution.


Using electromagnetic technology, and 6 degrees-of-freedom spatial location identification sensors, our 3D localization and guidance tools provide a highly accurate platform to track medical devices and tools in real-time and visualize it on the user screen. The system enables sampling and 3D modeling of body organs, localize it within a known coordinate frame, and work inside or around with diagnostics and treatment tools thereby performing controlled minimally invasive procedures.


Collage patented technology tracks, records, and presents in 3D not only the physician working tools but also the OCT images.   The company's technology integrates the very high resolution, short range, local 3D Optical Coherence Tomography images with the spatial localization technology in unique combination that enables, for the first time, integrating the OCT information to a complete coverage of the entire organ,  thus creating a virtual tissue reconstruction of the human organs at the micron resolution level.  

This concept may make it possible, first time, to obtain microscopic information on the entire organ in real-time for many diagnostics and treatment purposes.   

Images , at a tip of a needle, localized in the 3D space

'Collage from many small high resolution images


Roni Zvuloni, Ph.D., Co-founder & CEO


Inventor, Aeronautical & Chemical Engineer 

Co-Founder & CTO at UC-Care Ltd. (3D mapping of the prostate core biopsies); VP at Galil Medical Ltd., sold to BTG for $110M (2016); Worked with Intel corp.;

Member American Urological Association.

Graduated from Yale University, CT, USA; Dr. Roni Zvuloni holds more than 25 patents and publications.

Tel: 972-52-8382114 

mail: roniz@collagemed.com


Roni Zvuloni,创始人和CEO


美国康涅狄格州纽黑文耶鲁大学毕业,与英特尔公司合作。Galil医疗有限公司副总裁,以1亿美元于2016年销售给BTG, UC-CARE.LTD的联合创始人和CTO(前列腺核心活检的3D映射)

Roni Zvuloni拥有超过25项专利技术和发表刊物,是美国泌尿科学协会的成员。



WeChat ;  微信: RZcollage 

Gavriel Iddan, D.Sc., Co-founder & CTO

Inventor, Mechanical and Electro-Optical Engineer 

VP/CTO/Chief Scientist at Given Imaging Ltd., (Gastric video capsule) sold to Covidien-Medtronic for ~$1B;  Medingo Ltd. (disposable insulin pump),  sold to Roche, Switzerland for $200M;   3DV Ltd. (3D imaging solutions), sold to Microsoft for $35M;    Sync-Rx, Ltd.  (cardiac catheterization), sold to Volcano Inc. USA (now Philips) for $17M;  Co-inventor & CTO: ART Healthcare Ltd. (smart and safe medical enteral nourishment); Dr. Gabi Iddan holds more than 100 patents and publications.

Tel: 972-52-6599930 

mail: iddan.gabi@gmail.com 

 Gavriel Iddan,D.Sc.创始人和CTO


VP / CTO / Given Imaging有限公司的首席科学家,将(Gastric视频胶囊)以十亿美金出售给Covidien-Medtronic公司;将Medingo Ltd.(一次性胰岛素泵)以2亿美元出售给瑞士罗氏; 而3DV有限公司(3D成像解决方案),以3500万美元出售给Microsoft; Sync-Rx有限公司,心脏导管插入术以1700万美元出售给Volcano Inc. USA(现为Philips),是ART Healthcare Ltd.(智能和安全的医疗肠内营养)的联合发明人和CTO, Gabi Iddan博士拥有超过100项专利和出版物 



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